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What are the classifications of slope protection nets?


The main products are slope protection nets, automatic […]

The main products are slope protection nets, automatic protection nets, mandatory protection nets, flexible protection nets, etc.. Have a certain understanding of the punctuality and update of the slope protection network. Before starting, the dangerous stone in the SNS automatic protection area Check and handle carefully, place the construction machinery in a safe area. Safety ropes and safety belts must be used during construction. Strengthen the protection of slope workers and equipment.

During the operation of the slope, if the foot of the slope is a passage for pedestrians, vehicles, etc., safety protection measures such as operating safety net-style operation area guard control should be selected. When dealing with mechanical failures, the power supply must be turned off and the wind power must be stopped. Personnel should be notified before sending or sending to construction equipment.

When all fishing nets are hung on a steep slope, a soft rope or 8 small steel cables should be used before hanging, sewing and fixing. Safety helmets and safety belts must be worn during construction. Prevent drunkenness and fatigue during construction. Strictly follow the mechanical procedures construction.

When it is necessary to pull, it is necessary to stand in front of the other person and pull the front end to prevent people from standing up in the event of an accident. When stretching, the force is uniform, rather than blindly operating, follow the direction of the supervisor. Slope protection Precautions for network devices.