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The concrete steps of installing the wave guardrail board


Now the basic highway is installed on the wave guardrai […]

Now the basic highway is installed on the wave guardrail, but I want to use the wave guardrail for a long time. In addition to the quality of the wave guardrail, the common sense of the wave guardrail installation is not so careless. Only the good of these two can guarantee the long-term use of the wave guardrail. Do you know the common sense of installing wave guardrail?

According to the route map and elevation data provided by the design and subgrade unit, control points such as bridges, tunnels, culverts, etc. are used for stakeout, measurement and positioning. In order to ensure the comfort of the wave guardrail, some parts of the shoulder wall are inconsistent with the outer retaining wall .

Investigate the reserved holes of the entire line shoulder, and in principle install the guardrail post at the position of the reserved hole of the shoulder construction unit. If the original reserved hole position does not meet the requirements or does not leave the hole, it should be reported to the supervision engineer first and re-determined The construction method of the guardrail post.

The installation of the column should be consistent with the design drawings and coordinated with the direction of the road. The column should be firmly embedded in the soil, reaching the design level, and perpendicular to the road. Due to the actual situation, it is impossible to use the driving method. All the columns must be reserved. The holes or bored piles, and concrete backfill. It should be accurately positioned during construction.

Resistor block/bracket installation: The resistance block/bracket is fixed on the column by connecting bolts. Before beam installation, the bolts between the resistance block/bracket and the column should not be tightened prematurely, and the bolts should be tightened after the guardrail is installed.