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The role of insect nets


1. Insect protection: After covering the insect nets wi […]

1. Insect protection: After covering the insect nets with vegetables, the pests of cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, Brassica julibriss, Spodoptera litura, yellow-bellied beetle, beetle-worm, aphid and many other pests can basically be eliminated. According to the test, the control effect of insect nets on Chinese cabbage cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, bean pod borer, and spotted leafminer is 94-97%, and the control effect on aphid is 90%.

2. Disease prevention: Virus disease is a catastrophic disease on many vegetables, mainly insects, especially aphids.Disease transmission. Since the insect nets cut off the main transmission route of pests, it greatly reduced the infestation of vegetable viruses, and the control efficiency was about 80%.

3. Adjusting air temperature, soil temperature and humidity: Tests showed that in the hot, white and black insects of the 25-mesh white insect nets in July and August, the temperature in the morning and evening was flat with open ground,and it was about 1°C lower than in the open air at noon. In the early spring and March-April, the insect-proof nets cover 1-2°C higher than the exposed air temperature, and the 5-cm ground temperature is 0.5-1°C higher than the exposed ground, effectively preventing frost. In case of rain in the insect-proof net room, the amount of precipitation in the net room can be reduced, and in sunny days, the amount of evaporation in the net room can be reduced.

4. Cover light: summer light intensity, strong light will inhibit the vegetative growth of vegetable crops, especially leafy vegetables, and insect nets can play a certain degree of shading and anti-glare direct effect, 20-22 mesh silver gray pest control Net general opacity rate is 20-25%.