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Insect net application effect


①economic benefits. Insect net coverage, can achieve ve […]

①economic benefits. Insect net coverage, can achieve vegetable production does not fight drugs or fight drugs, thus saving drugs, save the cost of this section. The use of insect nets increases the production cost, but due to the long lifespan of the insect nets (4-6 years), the use of the insect nets is long (5-10 months), and can be used more than once (planting leaf vegetables can produce 6-8茬), the cost per input is low (the effect of disaster year is more obvious). The quality of vegetables is good (no or less pesticide pollution), and the yield increase effect is good.

② social benefits. Greatly improved the summer and autumn vegetables pest control, resilience, and solve the long-standing problems of vegetables, vegetables, farmers and the public at large, the social effect is self-evident.

③ Ecological benefits. Environmental issues have become more and more of concern to people. The control effect of chemical pesticides is significant, but it exposes many drawbacks. Frequent use of pesticides has caused soil, water, and vegetable pollution. Every year, incidents of poisoning caused by eating vegetables that are contaminated with pesticides have occurred. The pest resistance has increased, the difficulty in control has become greater, and diamondback moth and tawny night have become increasingly difficult. Moths and other pests have even developed to the point where there is no cure for them. In addition, pest control and cover cultivation is achieved through physical control measures to prevent insects.

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