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Slope protection net


The slope protection net is a new and innovative techno […]

The slope protection net is a new and innovative technology that completely changes the traditional concept of slope protection. It can minimize the impact of the project on the environment, and it can fully maintain the stability of the land and rocks in the protection area, and artificially implement the greening effect of planting grass and planting trees. Applicable to any complex terrain without destroying the original landform, the product is mesh-like, visually disturbed, easy for artificial greening, conducive to environmental protection, integrating engineering and environment. The main products of slope protection system can be divided into active protection net system and There are two kinds of passive protective net systems: the system uses steel wire rope as the main component and covers two basic types of coverage (active protection) and interception (passive protection) to prevent geological disasters and avalanches, bank slope erosion and blasting flying stones. Flexible safety protection system technology and products that are harmful to falling objects.
The corrosion resistance of the slope protection net is mainly determined by the steel wires that make up the slope protection net. The wire rope protection net is a high-strength wire rope flexible net (diamond wire rope net, ring net, high-strength steel wire grid) as the main component. And with the bolts, support ropes and other accessories to form the entire system. The method of covering and fastening the slope surface is used to prevent the rock from collapsing, rolling down, and blasting flying stones.

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