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Seine net manufacturing method


The pendant is about 1600. The pendant is tubular and c […]

The pendant is about 1600. The pendant is tubular and cast iron, each weighing about 0.4 kg.
What we also need to know is that the purse seine gears have a high level of mechanization, high production efficiency, agile mobility and a wide range of uses. The bottom ring of the net is made of 16 mm round iron. The inner diameter is 16 cm, a total of 80, and equipped with a double set of bottom ring, so that the net is sensitive, light, safe, easy to annihilate the winding nets and so on.
The purse seine is also a major product of fishing net manufacturers. It is widely used in lakes, reservoirs and other waters. Let's take a look at how it is made. The entire purse is made of 12 cm diameter glass. According to the number of homework vessels, it can be divided into single ship purse seine, double ship purse seine and multi-ship purse seine; according to the structure, it can be divided into a pericardial net and a non-encapsulated net. Net and ringed nets.
The purse seine is generally long, with a slightly taller middle portion and a slightly shorter two ends. It is made up of mesh, hinged installations and attachments.

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