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Introduction of wire mesh


When the nets are all finished, the end of the net is t […]

When the nets are all finished, the end of the net is tied to another side, and the side is thrown into the sea. The number of floats and falls, the net floats on the surface of the water, and it can be straightened and added. The side profile is thicker, the upper float and the mandrel are placed, and the falling rock is placed below to fix it. One time can be smashed once.
It is a fixed upper network with a mesh size of 40x40 mm and a height of 1.5 meters. The length is not limited, depending on the financial resources. After the net was dropped, the ship broke down and paused. This kind of net investment is small, the equipment is simple, and it is mostly used by farmers and fishermen. Fishing nets The strength of this net is not limited by the trend, the disadvantage is that the catch is low. Put the net first to the side. The upper and lower ends of the net are connected with a cotton string, and the upper class is separated by a scorpion, and the tweezers are made of tung oil. The lower class is smashed by the kiln.
Then, one end of the online platform is tied to the side frame, and the net is placed in the sea while the fishing net is swiping. The so-called mang, is a bamboo raft, the lower part of the stone, tied to the float, the top of the red triangle flag, the cock feathers a few, the fishing net erected in the sea to think of the logo, so called Mangzi (Rongcheng dialect read " "Looking for" "Mang"). This kind of net is mostly made of raspberry pods, and spring carp catches herring and prawns.

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