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Introduction to the types, characteristics and application effects of landslide protection nets


Landslide protection net is also called flexible protec […]

Landslide protection net is also called flexible protection net, slope protection net; it is a new type of protection net used to prevent and reduce natural disasters such as landslides and collapses.
Landslide protection nets are widely used in background geological disasters, especially landslides, which cause great harm, not only causing great losses to roads, people's lives and property, but also threatening people's lives. In recent years, landslides have increased unabated due to the destruction of mountains by people and the deterioration of the environment. In order to minimize the loss of landslides, landslide protection nets came into being and have been well applied and promoted. 
The landslide protection net system is a new technology that can meet the prevention and treatment of slope site disasters. Its main characteristics are:
1. Make full use of the ease of expansion and high impact resistance of flexible materials to adapt to various slope geological disaster protection.
2. Make full use of the flexibility of the system and the flexibility of construction layout, adapt to various complex topography and landforms, and avoid environmental damage caused by excavation and harm to slope stability.
3. Make full use of the openness of the system to reduce the visual disturbance of the system and protect the original vegetation and its growth conditions, and provide the possibility for the implementation of artificial greening, so as to make full use of the slope protection and reinforcement of plant roots and the environmental beautification function of green plants , Integrate engineering governance and environmental protection.
4. Make full use of the metal coating anti-corrosion technology, and use hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope and steel wire or zinc-aluminum alloy coated steel wire to ensure the long anti-corrosion life of the system. The former can generally reach 30-50 years, and the latter can reach hundreds of years. When necessary, only a few parts need to be replaced to extend the service life.
Design of protection system of landslide protection net:
As a standardized and finalized protection system, the design of the protection system is mainly based on comprehensive factors such as terrain and landform conditions, slope potential hazards, protection range, construction conditions, landscape requirements, etc., to make reasonable selection and site layout design.
The effect of landslide protection net after application
The active system of this kind of protective net has achieved ideal results after use. It has an obvious effect on the stability of the slope, effectively controlling the slope collapse and the deterioration of the landslide, and the energy of the flying rock falling on the slope and the collapse of the landslide The interception played a decisive role, effectively preventing and greatly reducing disasters.


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