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How to use the sunshade net


Reasonable selection of mesh type sunshade nets has man […]

Reasonable selection of mesh type sunshade nets has many models. Shading nets with different specifications and different colors have different shading rates and cooling effects. Different types of vegetables have different requirements on light intensity. Therefore, the appropriate shade net should be selected according to the type of vegetables and the light intensity during the coverage period. For example, the black shading net has a high shading rate and a rapid cooling. It should be used for short-term coverage of fields that need fine management in the summer; the silver-gray shading net is suitable for hi-light vegetables and full-life coverage.

Scientific coverage makes full use of the existing protected facilities in the area for cover cultivation. When covering the sunshade with the frame material in summer, it is not suitable to cover the whole shed. Generally, the shade net is not covered in the area of 1 to 1.5 meters on the side of the shed to facilitate ventilation and prevent rotten sputum; the floating surface covers the shade net, generally only after the germination of the vegetables, before germination, and should be promptly set up after emergence. Covered with shed type; when covering the floating surface, the width of the shade net should have sufficient room. After the cover is covered, the perimeter of the shade net is fastened and secured with nylon rope to prevent it from being blown off by the wind. Strengthening management In summer, the main purpose of using shade nets for cultivation is to shading and cooling, with shading as the main. Uncover the shade net, according to the weather conditions and different vegetable types, the requirements of light intensity and temperature during the growth period, flexible control. It is usually covered in sunny days, and it is exposed in cloudy weather; it is covered in the morning and uncovered in the evening.