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4 tricks for orchard to drive birds


1.set up a bird-proof net, this method is used more; Th […]

1.set up a bird-proof net, this method is used more;
The bird-proof net is suitable for both large-scale orchards and small-sized orchards. In the orchards in the mountains, it is best to use yellow fruit trees and bird-proof nets. In the plains, red bird-proof nets are used. These are mountain and plain birds. The two colors that are most scared.

2. Hang some used discs in the orchard, red flag;
According to the actual experience of the fruit farmers, hanging some discarded discs in the orchard, the red flag, can also play a good driving effect.

3. Fruit bagging;
Bagging operation method
First put your hand into the bag to make the whole bag swell up, then grasp the handle with one hand, hold the bottom of the bag with one hand, put the young fruit into the middle of the bag mouth, and then move the bag mouth from the two sides to the middle fruit.
The handle is squeezed; when all the pockets are folded over to the handle, the wire card is finally inverted by 90 degrees, and it is bent tightly around the mouth of the bag. Be sure to seal the bag tightly. Lift the bottom of the bottom of the bag to make the whole bag swell up. The stomata of the two bottom corners are open, and the young fruit is suspended in the bag and is not attached to the wall of the bag.

4, the use of bird repeller
In the past two years, some places in China have begun to use the intelligent voice bird repeller developed by experts from the Ministry of Agriculture Information Center. The system uses low-power single-chip microcomputer as the core and adopts the latest digital voice storage technology to collect and form sound chip libraries for different birds. The high-performance controller is used to play the sounds of high-fidelity birds and natural birds in the order of random playback. The test proves that the intelligent voice bird repellent system can effectively and effectively realize the wide-field bird repelling of orchards, farmland and fish ponds.