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How is the double-sided fence net made?


Bilateral fence netting is the most commonly used produ […]

Bilateral fence netting is the most commonly used product among fence netting products. It uses high-quality cold drawn low-carbon steel wire. Fence fence manufacturers implement strict inspection systems and testing equipment to provide customers with professional after-sales service. The twisting and weaving of the double-sided fence net is very firm, which can be used for the isolation and protection of the boundary of the playground. It has a variety of colors and can be used in a wide range.

The double-sided wire fence is welded by cold-drawn low-carbon wire. It is a product that combines a mesh cylindrical crimping and a mesh surface. The connecting object and the steel pipe pillar are fixed together for use. The fence has high strength, beautiful appearance and easy installation. It is mainly used for fences in gardens, flower beds, roads, airports, and other places. It has a variety of colors. The colors can be white, red, black, etc., which can not only play a beautiful role but also play a role as a fence, which is convenient for transportation. The installation is not restricted by the terrain, the price is moderately low, and it is suitable for large-area use.

The best treatment method for the anti-corrosion effect of the double-sided wire fence is to use hot-dip galvanizing and then dipping, which can achieve the life-long anti-corrosion effect. The double-sided fence net has reached the management standard during production, which not only improves the product quality, but also reduces the cost. This is due to the three key technical standards adopted by the double-sided fence net.

The products of the double-sided wire fence have a concise grid structure and beautiful and practical appearance; the key point is that the price is low and can be used in a large area. Installation is not restricted by terrain undulations and is convenient for transportation. It is very convenient to use especially in mountainous areas.