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Field Fence Mesh Product Advantages


Site fence nets; temporary protections such as the isol […]

Site fence nets; temporary protections such as the isolation of park green belts, the fences of ecological parks, the fences of stadiums, the isolation protection of airports, the isolation protection of river channels, the fences of leisure squares, etc. This product adopts hot-dip plastic treatment, the coating thickness is 0.5 ~ 0.6mm, and the plating powder is made of weather-resistant resin powder with better anti-aging performance. Bright colors and good appearance. There are many colors to choose from, including white, green, dark green, grass green, black, blue, and yellow. The overall strength of the mesh surface is high, the decorative effect is very prominent, the disassembly and assembly is convenient, and the reusability is good. The fence can be re-arranged as required. Site fence mesh dip plastic wire warp: 4.0mm; mesh: 80mm x 160mm, 75 mmx 150mm, bilateral bilateral wire; mesh size: 1800x3000; column: 48mm x 2mm steel pipe dip plastic treatment; accessories: rain cap connection card anti-theft Bolt; connection: snap-on (anti-theft screw). (Other sizes can be customized according to customer requirements)
product advantages:
The grid structure is concise, beautiful and practical; it is easy to transport, and the installation is not restricted by the undulations of the terrain; it is particularly adaptable to mountainous, sloping, and multi-curved zones; the price is medium to low, which is suitable for large-scale use.

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