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Fence nets are mainly used for pheasants, wild ducks, f […]

Fence nets are mainly used for pheasants, wild ducks, flying dragons, pheasants, turkeys, peacocks, white pheasants, golden pheasants and other wild bird breeders. The fences are used to prevent pheasants from stealing vegetable gardens and crops and to prevent pheasants from being caught by wild cats and rats. Class, eagle violation. The breeding fence net is a kind of fence net specially made for domestic breeding and animal husbandry. This product is welded with galvanized steel wire and the surface is made of PVC powder soaked in plastic. The service life can be 15 to 20 years. Fence nets can be used to fence grasslands and carry out fixed-point grazing. The breeding fence net facilitates the planned use of pasture resources, effectively improves the utilization rate of grasslands and the efficiency of grazing, prevents the degradation of pastures, and protects the natural environment. Farm fence nets are also suitable for establishing family farms with agricultural and pastoral professional households. It is also very difficult to set up the latest products. It is difficult to produce wave-shaped nets. Farm fence nets use advanced pressure wave technology to make the nets smoother. The large change area relieves the thermal expansion and contraction and prevents the mesh surface from automatically returning to increase the cushioning force of the mesh surface when a beast hits. At present, the grassland net fences produced by Juncheng Fence Net Factory have become China's preferred net fences for sand field governance and ecological environment management. Fence nets, as China's famous net fences, are gradually being incorporated into national key ecological governance projects. The advantages.