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Building safety net installation method


1. When installing the safety net, each rope should be […]

1. When installing the safety net, each rope should be attached to the bracket. The edge of the safety net should be closely attached to the bracket. When knotting, try to ensure that the knot is strong. If it is untied, it will not be troublesome. The principle of non-disengagement, the safety net with the tendons is to link the tendons to the brackets during installation.
2. The vertical mesh surface shall be perpendicular to the horizontal plane and shall not exceed 10 cm from the maximum edge of the working edge.
3. The construction safety flat net surface should not be too tight. The distance between the two flat nets should not exceed 10m, and the minimum spacing between the flat net and the surface of the lower object should be no less than 3m.
4. After the construction safety net is installed, it must be inspected by the security inspector before it can be used.
5. It is usually necessary to carry out irregular inspections of the safety net in use and find that the falling objects are cleaned up in time.