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Anti-bird net erection


According to the height of the fruit tree, the column m […]

According to the height of the fruit tree, the column must be more than one meter five above the height of the fruit tree. The steel pipe is erected every 10 meters in the horizontal direction and every 20 meters in the longitudinal direction. The bottom is to be poured with cement, and the depth of the cement is about 70 cm. The anchor is fixed on the ground to ensure that the column is firm and stable. Grape anti-bird net erection should be connected horizontally and longitudinally with wire to form a grid. After fixing the two ends of the wire, tighten the wire with a tightening device and fix it. The next step is to erect the wire.

Follow the steps to thread the mesh. Place the net on the shelf and secure the two sides of the mesh. First, wear the net line of Skynet, spread the grape-proof net, find the side of the width, and wear the mesh with the mesh. A pair of ropes are left at each end, tied to the sides of the two grids. This allows the width side to be pulled quickly and accurately during the installation process. The blue or black end of the grape-proof net is a reinforced side, and the reinforcing side acts as a reinforcement to prevent the net from tearing.

Pay special attention during the installation process. First untie the tied rope buckle and tie the net thread to one end of the rope. After one pass, pull it slowly along the reinforcing edge and set the long width of the mesh line. , tighten and hold. Due to the high height of the tree, it is necessary to use a longer pulling tool. In the process of pulling the net, it should not be too fast. It is also carried out according to the principle of the middle and the back. The specification is that the length of the net is 100 meters in uniform, the width of the net is 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 meters, the mesh is 2.5-2.5 cm, the one-pound has about 100 square meters, and the one-acre land uses 7--8 kg. The cost per mu is more than 100 pieces.