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Retractable safety fence


Uses: Technical measures for installing safety fences t […]


Technical measures for installing safety fences to ensure the safety of field workers are mainly used for power plants, substations, maintenance of electrical equipment, electrical tests, and distribution overhauls. The safety fence consists of FRP fences, support rods and bearings. The structural characteristics of fiberglass insulation materials, anti-aging, enhanced moisture resistance, after waterproofing, to ensure that the insulation of the glass fiber reinforced plastic safety fence of red and white, bright, durable, security fence. The rigid, light-weight glass steel pipe supporting the rods secures the FRP safety fences so no distance is set. With its unique design, the product breaks the old form of the traditional fence and gives it a new idea of advanced, practical and diversified fences. To use the safe construction of the unit and strive for first-class and other work has played a huge role.

Precautions during installation:

(1)Avoid installation to observe whether there is any obstruction such as flammable or explosive, and maintain a certain distance to avoid unexpected phenomena.

(2)Attention! The fence host should not be installed in a wet or high and low environment to avoid moisture.
(3)The mainframe of the “grid” is recommended to be installed at a height that is convenient for the user to overhaul or maintain.
(4) Check whether there is any interference source around the installation location of the fence device. If so, it is recommended that the staff install a shielded twisted pair at a short distance.
(5) If an abnormal phenomenon occurs in the "grid" in use, first the administrator must first cut off all power, and then at the same time professional maintenance personnel to overhaul, should not be their own, so as to avoid unnecessary harm.