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Insect net application scope


1 .The leafy insect nets are covered and cultivated, an […]

1 .The leafy insect nets are covered and cultivated, and leafy vegetables are vegetables that are used by urban and rural residents in summer and fall. They have the characteristics of fast growth and short cycle. However, there are many pests and insects on the open ground, and the pesticides are seriously polluted. The public does not dare eat. The use of insect nets to cover cultivation can greatly reduce pesticide contamination.

2 .Solanum, melon insect net covering cultivation. Solanaceous fruits and melons are prone to viral diseases in summer and autumn. After the application of insect nets, they cut off the aphid transmission route and reduce the risk of viral diseases.

3 .nursery. Every year from June to August, it is the nursery season for autumn and winter vegetables, and it is also a period of high humidity, heavy rain, and frequent pests. It is difficult to raise seedlings. After the use of insect nets, the rate of emergence of vegetables is high, the rate of seedling growth is high, and the quality of seedlings is good, so as to win the initiative for the production of autumn and winter vegetables.