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What are the precautions for building a polyethylene bird net?


The construction of the polyethylene anti-bird net firs […]

The construction of the polyethylene anti-bird net first anchors the anchor to the ground so that it can guarantee the stability and stability of the column. The anti-bird net erects a grid of horizontal and vertical wires connected to one another. After the two ends of the wire are fixed, the wire must be tightened with a tightener, and then fixed, and the next step can be used to frame the net. The erection of the anti-bird net must be based on the height of the fruit tree. The pillar must exceed the height of the fruit tree by more than one meter five. The horizontal direction of the steel pipe is set every 20 meters in the horizontal direction, and the bottom is to be irrigated with cement. The depth of the irrigation cement is about 70 centimeters. Follow the steps to go through the mesh. Put the mesh on the shelf and fix the two edges of the mesh line. First, wear the Skynet net line, open the anti-bird net, find the width side, and use the net line to wear the grid. Leave a rope at both ends and tie it to the edges of the grids at both ends. In this way, the edge of the width can be quickly and accurately opened during the installation. The anti-bird net may have reinforced edges on the blue or black end, strengthening the edges and reinforcing it to prevent tearing.