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What types of slope protection nets are there?


Slope protection nets are also known as steel wire wove […]

Slope protection nets are also known as steel wire woven nets, barbed wire nets and steel wire nets.
Slope protection net material: low-carbon steel wire, pvc coated wire, hot-dip galvanized wire
The characteristics of the slope protection net: solid structure, flat surface, good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc.
The purpose of the slope protection net: Among them, the heavy hexagonal net can be used for: 1 Control and guide rivers and floods. 2 Spillway dam and flood diversion dam. 3 Rock fall protection*4 Bridge protection. 5 Surface soil structure. 6 Coastal defense project. 7 Port fortifications*8 Retaining wall 9 Road protection.
The slope protection net is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, which has a strong structure and a flat surface. Widely used in slope support, roadbed reinforcement, shotcrete hanging net, foundation pit support, mountain rock surface hanging net shotcrete, side slope vegetation (greening), agricultural construction and construction industry, for reinforcement, protection, The floor concrete board is reinforced, and can also be used to make poultry fences, fish pond fences, children's playground fences and home decorations.

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