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What kinds of isolation barriers are barbed wire mainly used for?


Barbed wire isolation fence is mainly made of galvanize […]

Barbed wire isolation fence is mainly made of galvanized and dipped. These two types are made of posts and barbed wire. It is mainly used for highway military management areas, mountain closures, afforestation, botanical gardens, and fences in regional boundary tourist areas. Its main advantages are simple installation and quick construction.

1. Welded grid isolation fence
After 2.5mm cold drawing and welding, the cross wires of each mesh have a curved arc to improve the strength. The mesh and column are connected with the stainless steel card. The column is made of welded steel pipe, so that the foundation concrete of the cap, column and diagonal brace is poured. Anti-corrosion measures, the welded mesh isolation grid has the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, flame-retardant, beautiful, long service life, convenient and fast installation.

Uses: highways, railways, airport terminals, guardrails.

2. Razor blade:
Razor gill nets are divided into straight blade gill nets and cross-shaped gill nets. The length and diameter can be made according to customer requirements. Material: galvanized sheet wire and stainless steel sheet wire. Product introduction: spiral cross razor gill nets intersect with stainless steel. The steel plate and the galvanized steel plate are between the two gill nets. This view is very practical. The linear blade gillnet has a variety of installation methods, which can be quickly constructed. Save money and achieve deterrent effect. Product features: anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, weather resistance, etc.

3. Bilateral wire fence:
Features: This kind of grid structure is simple, beautiful, practical, easy to transport, easy to install, not restricted by terrain undulations, strong adaptability to mountainous areas, slopes and multi-curved areas, durable/beautiful/wide view, moderate price, Suitable for large area use. Unparalleled advantages of isolation barriers of other structures. Material: cold drawn low carbon steel wire rod and low carbon steel wire. Q 235 low-carbon cold-drawn steel wire anti-corrosion treatment: galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, sprayed, stainless steel wire. Especially PVC steel wire fences are cheap and durable. It is durable. Strong corrosion resistance, 10-year shelf life. Textile characteristics: weaving and welding.

Uses: used for protection of guardrails such as highways, highways, railways, airports, factories, factories, residential quarters, ports, municipal green spaces, garden flower beds, green space breeding, animal husbandry, etc.