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What kind of railway protection fence is better used on the railway?


The railway is built on the edge of the country. The ai […]

The railway is built on the edge of the country. The air is humid and rainy, and it is highly corrosive to the protective net used by the railway, which greatly shortens the service life of the railway protective net. Railway protective fence. The cost of this blade rail fence is much lower than that of stainless steel rail fence, but its service life is much longer than ordinary rail fence, so this high zinc rail fence is most suitable for use on railway .
High-zinc railway protection fences are generally BTO-22 type with a diameter of 50cm. The biggest difference from general railway protection fences is that the amount of zinc on the core wire and the board is up to 250 grams, which makes the high-zinc railway protection fence The service life is greatly increased. So it is very suitable for use on the railway.

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