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What kind of anti-bird net should be chosen?


In areas with more birds, nylon mesh bags can be used f […]

In areas with more birds, nylon mesh bags can be used for bagging cards to prevent bird damage, but it does not affect the fruit coloring. It is also suitable for small vineyards or courtyard grapes. The grape anti-bird net is suitable for large areas. For vineyards, the method is to first add a support grid made of No. 8 to No. 10 iron wires at 0.75 and 1.0 meters from the surface of the grape rack. The surroundings were hung down on the ground and compacted with soil to prevent birds from flying into the future. As most birds are in the dark and chaotic, polyethylene nets should be used instead of black or green PE nets. The wire mesh is mainly made of pe or nylon material. The mesh is very small, which effectively isolates the upper bird from entering the net and stealing the fruit. The bird-proof net also has certain tricks in the color selection when purchasing. This is the principle that the anti-bird net can prevent birds. The mesh of the anti-bird net is semi-transparent, and the standard anti-bird net is colored because birds are wary of the contrast of red, yellow, blue and other colors. After the equipment, a red or blue light appears above the field of the device, which prevents birds from approaching, which can prevent birds without harming them, and is truly environmentally friendly. Blue or red bird-proof nets are used for plain areas. The anti-bird net is mainly to scare the birds in the color. The intention at the end is to prevent the birds from approaching the orchard and scare them thousands of miles away. Therefore, choose bright colors as much as possible in terms of colors, which can cause the bird's attention. When the breeze blows, the bird will naturally dare not care. Standard anti-bird nets generally use polyethylene net material, but nowadays, people choose different colors of anti-bird nets to keep the birds away from the orchard.