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What is the difference between wave guardrail and cable guardrail?


The cable guardrail and wave guardrail on the highway, […]

The cable guardrail and wave guardrail on the highway, which kind of guardrail is good, in fact, each kind of guardrail has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages of cable guardrail compared with wave guardrail?

Protection effect: The anti-collision grades of cable guardrail and wave guardrail have their own protection grades: A, B, S, but the protective effect of cable guardrail is significantly better than that of wave guardrail. The wire rope guardrail is composed of several steel wires, and the steel wire rope is anti-collision Ability and self-recovery ability is very strong. The guardrail is composed of corrugated steel plate, which can well absorb the impact of the vehicle. However, due to its poor recovery ability, it is necessary to replace the guardrail after the impact.

Anti-corrosion: There are many anti-corrosion methods for wire rope guardrails and wire rope guardrails, but they are basically hot-dip galvanized. Hot-dip galvanized products have very good corrosion resistance. It can be used outdoors for decades. Therefore, there are two kinds of road protection The corrosion resistance of the product is very good.

Comparison of column stiffness: guardrail posts have a variety of specifications according to the needs of the project. The size of wire rope guardrail posts is smaller, but the diameter of the column and the thickness of the pipe wall are significantly better than the guardrail posts. Therefore, its strength is significantly better than that of the guardrail posts.

Maintenance: The maintenance of the cable guardrail is small, generally there will be no major deformation, and the number of replacements is small; the maintenance of the guardrail is very good. In the event of a vehicle collision, the baffle usually needs to be replaced, because it needs its own deformation. Reduce the buffer force. Therefore, the maintenance of the guardrail board is significantly higher than that of the steel cable guardrail board.

Aspect: Through the above points, it is not difficult to find the advantages of steel cable guardrails, but the price of steel cable guardrails is higher than that of guardrails. Because the cost of steel cable guardrails is lower, there are more places to install guardrails on highways. But for some dangers In areas, the installation of cable guardrails is very important, such as coastal roads, cliff roads, mountain sections, etc.