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What is an economical safety fence?


The lightweight knitted mesh barrier fence is economica […]

The lightweight knitted mesh barrier fence is economical and durable. It can also be easily installed. Lightweight, plastic safety netting is an economical option for short-term projects. This bright red woven polypropylene mesh is reinforced on the top and bottom with 10mm black tape. It is ideal for sectioning off a construction site and aiding sediment control. It can also be customized to fit any size.

Economic safety fences can be a great alternative to wire fences. The lightweight design of these fences allows for good visibility and airflow. The mesh is UV stabilized and mimics the texture of welded wire and cloth. It also has alternating yellow and orange stripes, which make it highly visible. This type of fence should last for at least a month under normal conditions. A heavier-duty version with a reflective strip is available. This option has a longer lifespan and is more durable.

Economic safety fences are also available in various colors. This is a versatile option for crowd control, industrial demolition sites, and road works. Compared to chain link fences, these lightweight, plastic safety fences are easier to maintain and are more affordable. They are also recyclable, so they can be reused over.

The Economical Safety Fence is a quick crowd control fence that warns pedestrians of potential hazards. These fences are sold in cartons of four rolls. They are UV protected, highly visible, and easy to install. They are ideal for use at sporting events. The Orange Safety Fence is UV protected and easy to install.

The Economical Safety Fence is available in 4-foot-tall rolls that are easy to handle. Its orange color and 1.75-square-inch mesh provides protection against sunlight. It is a visual barrier that measures four feet by 100 feet. In addition to providing protection from falling objects, Granite Environmental's Construction Fencing is ideal for runoff, sediment control, and erosion control. The company offers staked silt fence, wire backed fencing, and impermeable staked barriers.