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What are the types of isolation networks?


Isolation nets are also called fence nets, fences, and […]

Isolation nets are also called fence nets, fences, and warehouse workshop isolation nets are also called mesh partitions.
Isolation nets are classified according to usage: workshop isolation net, warehouse isolation net, community isolation net, airport isolation net, garden isolation net, port isolation net, railway isolation net, highway isolation net, barbed wire isolation net, development zone isolation Network, market isolation network, factory isolation network, iron isolation network, etc.;
According to the structural classification, the isolation net is divided into: peach-shaped column isolation net, bilateral isolation net, double-circle isolation net, wave isolation net, triangular folding edge isolation net, bending isolation net, etc.
Isolation nets are divided into: warehouse isolation net, lawn isolation net, workshop isolation net, road isolation net, barbed wire isolation net, factory isolation net, river isolation net, prison isolation net, playground isolation net, chicken breeding isolation net, Welded wire fence, highway fence, blade barbed wire, barbed wire cage, etc.
1. It has the characteristics of light weight, novel shape, beautiful and durable.
2. Adopt high-efficiency plastic dipping, anti-rust for ten years
3. It can also be used as an anti-throw net for bridges on expressways.
4. It is convenient to disassemble and assemble itself, and has good reusability, and can re-lay out the fence according to the needs.
5. It is an environmentally friendly product and can be recycled eventually.
Basic parameters of isolation network:
1) Column: diameter 3.0--8.0cm [round tube] 3.0×3.0cm-8.0×8.0cm [square tube].
2) Frame: diameter 2.0--8.0cm [round tube] 1.0×2.0cm--4.0×8.0cm [square tube] 2.0×2.0cm--8.0×8.0cm [square tube].
3) Height: 1.5m--4.0m 4) Column spacing: within 3.5m.
4) The diameter of the plastic wire of the fence: 2.5mm-5.5mm.
5) Material: low carbon cold drawn steel wire.
6) Mesh mesh: 3.0cm×6.0cm-7.5cm×15.0cm [rectangular hole] 3.0cm×3.0cm-7.5cm×7.5cm [square hole].
7) Accessories: flanges, fixing bolts, anti-theft bolts, wrenches, etc.
Isolation network connection method: anti-theft bolt clamping, special clamping or connection screw fixing a Anti-corrosion treatment:
1) Galvanizing + electrostatic spraying treatment.
2) Galvanized + plastic coated.
3) Anti-rust primer + advanced metal paint treatment.
Isolation net use: widely used in the isolation of the workshop warehouse or between the market stalls, the isolation and protection of important mechanical parts.