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What are the types of building scaffold safety net?


There are several types of scaffold safety nets availab […]

There are several types of scaffold safety nets available. There are erection scaffold safety nets, horizontal scaffold safety nets, and test meshes.

Construction safety net
Construction safety nets are a great solution for minimizing the risk of falling in construction sites and other work areas. Falling is the leading cause of fatalities on construction sites and they have strict regulations in place to keep workers safe.

The construction safety net market is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years, driven by investments and new construction activities. Growing urbanization is also expected to spur the market growth.

Horizontal scaffolding safety net
A horizontal scaffolding safety net is a barrier between the people working on a construction site and any potential debris. The nets can be made of fire-retardant materials and are generally hung at different heights. They protect workers from potential accidents caused by falling objects and can also protect passersby.

Horizontal safety nets can be made of various materials, including fine mesh and durable fabric. They are primarily used on construction sites to catch objects or people that fall from heights. The material used to manufacture these nettings is usually high-density polyethylene or flexible polypropylene. These nettings are available in different gauges and styles, and are typically installed along scaffolding, ledges, and other structures.

A horizontal safety net must be large enough to cover the area that needs to be protected. The net must be at least ten percent larger than the area that it is protecting. It must also be double-knotted at all nodes.