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What are the types and applications of wire fences?


Types of barbed wire fence: barbed wire, steel wire mes […]

Types of barbed wire fence: barbed wire, steel wire mesh, wire fence, welded wire mesh, etc.
The production process of barbed wire is divided into: braided, spot welded, cut-and-drawn, stamped, wrapped, twisted, anchored, etc., collectively called barbed wire or steel wire mesh.
Barbed wire has further developed and expanded, with today's many types such as: fence nets, protective nets, crimped wire mesh, braided wire mesh, welded wire mesh, welded steel wire mesh, wire welded wire mesh, wire crimped wire mesh, wire fence wire mesh; mesh and so on
Related products of barbed wire: barbed wire for flood control: gabion net, grid net, wall wiper net, lead wire cage, honeycomb grid, ecological grid, ecological net cage, reinforced pavement net, port engineering net, retaining wall, Green grid, heavy hexagonal net.
Barbed wire for traffic safety: highway fence, highway fence, airport fence, railway fence, bridge fence, factory fence, stadium fence, workshop warehouse fence, construction site fence, community fence.
Barbed wire for cultivation: Dutch net, chain link net, diamond net.
Coal Mine Wire Mesh: Underground metal mesh, coal mine warp and weft mesh, coal mine mesh, coal mine safety net, coal mine support net, coal mine safety support net, mine net, mine wire net, coal mine wire net, coal mine woven wire net, coal mine plain woven net.
Welded wire mesh is a kind of high-quality Q195 low-carbon steel wire welding, and then cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, PVC coating and other surface passivation, plasticizing treatment, smooth mesh surface, uniform mesh, welding Mesh-like wire mesh products with firm points, good local machining performance, stability, corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. Galvanized (electroplated or hot-dipped) after the welded wire mesh is formed; the product is made of high-quality galvanized iron wire through precise automated mechanical welding. It has the characteristics of firm welding point, reasonable structure, uniform mesh, etc. The net surface is flat, the structure is strong, the integrity is strong, and it has strong corrosion resistance. It can also be used for the special mesh for floor heating in the construction industry. It is now widely used in many areas of the country.