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What are the precautions when using building safety crawling nets?


With the development of the construction industry, ther […]

With the development of the construction industry, there are more and more applications of building safety crawler nets. As product users, you should know that certain quality conditions will also appear during the long-term application of products, and such conditions will trigger a scene In the tragedy of the scene, if the quality of the materials used in construction is in quality, they should be scrapped and no longer used, because this will indirectly lead to accidents and pose a great threat to personal safety. Therefore, as a user of crawling net products, you should learn how to maintain and use crawling nets, and the six precautions for using crawling nets.
1. When the welding parts of the crawling net itself are seriously deformed, the size of the damage should be repaired or replaced.
2. Climbing nets that do not meet the design requirements should not be used in construction projects. Because they do not meet the normal design concepts, they can easily cause safety accidents.
3. The guide rails, supporting structures, horizontal beams, main frames, etc. of the building climbing net piece have been seriously bent, please do not use it again.
4. When the product anchors are deformed or worn, they should be replaced or repaired in time. Otherwise, do not use them, because these anchors will affect the tightness of the product.
5. Knotting, twisting, abrasion, broken strands, etc. appear on the wire rope, and if it has reached the required scrap state, the application of the construction climbing nets should be stopped, and the wire rope should be replaced or overhauled.
6. If the spring used to stretch the mesh fails, it should be replaced in time
The above are the precautions for the use of crawler mesh products. If one of the above situations occurs, please stop applying the product immediately.