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What are the performance characteristics of chain link fence?


The materials used for the chain link fence are high-qu […]

The materials used for the chain link fence are high-quality low-carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, and plastic coated wire. The chain link fence adopts crocheting process, with uniform mesh, smooth surface, beautiful appearance, not easy to corrode, long life, good material, beautiful and practical. Chain link fences are now widely used in warehouses, tool rooms, cold storage, protective reinforcements, parks, zoo fences, ocean fishing fences, construction site fences, mechanical equipment protection, highway fences, stadium fences, road green belt protection .
The chain link fence can be divided into electro-galvanized chain link fence, hot-dip galvanized chain link fence, plastic coated chain link fence, plastic coated chain link fence, and sprayed chain link fence through different surface treatment methods. By purpose: decorative chain link fence, high beam chain link fence, protective chain link fence. Through the material, there is also a stainless steel chain link fence, which does not require surface treatment.
The types of chain link fence are very rich, and customers can customize them according to their own needs, and they must fully understand their needs before choosing. The fence manufacturer must fully understand the customer's requirements and make custom-made, so as to avoid problems in the later delivery. At the same time, customers should try their best to choose some large-scale enterprises when choosing, so that the quality is more guaranteed, the after-sales is more in place, and if problems occur, they can be resolved in time. When choosing a fence, it is definitely not the cheaper the better. Some fences are obviously cheaper than the cost. Such fences are definitely not available for purchase. This is what customers should pay attention to when choosing. one