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What are the advantages of construction mesh in the construction industry?


Nowadays, the construction industry is in an era of rap […]

Nowadays, the construction industry is in an era of rapid development. This process is to change. Over time, the unpredictable high cost of direct or direct engineering construction continues to rise. Therefore, the construction unit is financially restricted by Party A during the construction period, and the lack of skills makes the new Skills building network use.

New skills, new materials and new standards are emerging. The construction network replaces the traditional manual bonding and reinforcement technology, and is characterized by industrial production, quality control, convenient construction, and time-saving. Architectural grids are used in engineering practice at home and abroad. It has been widely used. In China, the construction industry has adopted architectural grid technology.

The material for constructing the grid part. Due to the high strength of the construction network, it saves nearly 30% of steel in engineering applications than the general first-level steel. This is particularly important in today's lack of power. The construction network is convenient for construction and quality assurance According to the drawings, the welded steel mesh is produced in the factory for road construction. Therefore, compared with the traditional manual bundling, the quality of the project is guaranteed, the construction progress is accelerated, and the construction period is shortened.

Support the construction of the industry standard network. Strengthen the production of welded steel mesh in strict accordance with the "Technical Specification for Welded Reinforced Concrete Layout" to ensure the quality of welded steel mesh. This regulation is the editor-in-chief of the Academy of Sciences and approved by the Ministry of Construction. Skills of scientific research departments Display is an important condition for the application of welded mesh.

The occurrence and development of concrete cracks are avoided, and the cracks of concrete are reduced. The size of the grid is very regular and flexible. When concrete is poured, the steel bars are not easy to bend, deform, and slip, which can reduce the construction cost of steel bars by about 10%.