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The function and significance of active protection net


Green plants can grow freely in their open space. The s […]

Green plants can grow freely in their open space. The soil-fixing effect of the plant roots is integrated with the slope protection system, and then the slope damage and soil erosion are maintained, which in turn maintains the topography and slope vegetation. Slope protection and environmental maintenance intent. The open system features of the active protection network system can minimize the impact of the project on the environment, and the protection area can fully adhere to the stability of the soil rock, and the artificialization effect of planting grass and planting trees. Harmonize the project and the environment. In the application of data: the system uses hot-dip galvanized high-strength steel wire rope as the primary information of the system, its special production technology and high anti-corrosion and anti-rust skills. The ultra-high life of the system was decided. After many experiments and discussions, the active protective net has a life expectancy of 30-50 years. The automatic system is fixed by the anchor rod and the supporting rope to make the steel wire net form a whole, which forms the surface support to the protected area, and then hinders the movement of the rock or the soil: the system is subjected to the force process: the rock (soil body) is supported by a steel rope net The rope and the anchor are securely grounded.

The protection principle of the active protection net system is similar to the surface slope protection system such as spray anchor and soil nailing wall. However, due to its flexible characteristics, the system can partially concentrate the force to the surrounding area, so that the protection ability of the whole system can be fully utilized. , all bear, and then make the system accept a greater impact. Because of the openness of the system, groundwater can be freely secreted, avoiding the instability of the slope caused by the increase of groundwater pressure; the automatic protection net system can also weaken the slope of the weathered and corroded Chengdu, and the shape characteristics of the slope There is no demand, no damage and modification of the original shape of the slope and vegetation growth conditions, and its open characteristics retain the necessary conditions for the subsequent or subsequent conditions and the artificial slope beautification.