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Stadium fence is a new type of protection designed for stadiums


The stadium fence is a new type of protection product s […]

The stadium fence is a new type of protection product specially designed for the stadium. This product has a high mesh body and strong anti-climbing ability. It belongs to the type of stadium fence. It is also called: "sports fence", which can be installed and installed on site . Road fence has good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and performance, suitable for use in different regions, good decoration, rich colors, different customers' individual needs for fence products. Product advantages of sports fence nets: Sports fence nets are bright in color, engaged in aging, corrosion resistance, complete specifications, flat surface, tensioned, not easy to be deformed by external forces. On-site construction and installation of sports fence nets, sports fences are flexible Strong sex, can be shaped and dimensioned at any time according to site requirements. The playground fence is relatively simple and easy to transport and install. At the same time, it can also perform a certain isolation function. It can play its own role and bring a good effect. It is more convenient to carry and install,-it can be used once without leaving any traces. So it makes people a good choice of products when carrying out some emergency isolation measures.