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Plastic mesh production process


Plastic nets are divided into two types: drafting nets […]

Plastic nets are divided into two types: drafting nets and non-drawing nets. The plastic drafting net equipment consists of an auxiliary machine such as an extruder, a rotary mold for cooling, shaping, drawing, and winding. According to the special requirements of the product series, different configurations are suitable for the production of drafting nets, knotless nets, flat water filters, fence nets, fence nets, gardening and agricultural nets, engineering nets, stretch nets, packaging nets, Plastic drawing nets for different functions such as fruit and vegetable mesh bags and mesh bags.
The plastic material is heated and melted in an extruder and extruded through a screw into a special rotating head with a number of small holes inside and outside the die. The molten plastic flows through the pores of the die to form two molten filaments. Due to the rotation of the machine head, the two strands of wire are intermittently merged at one point to form a network, which is then cooled and shaped into a net.