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Key technologies used by insect nets


1. Cover form of insect net (1). Covering the greenhous […]

1. Cover form of insect net
(1). Covering the greenhouse. The insect net is directly covered on the large scaffolding, and the surrounding area is compacted with soil or brick. Leave the front door open for easy access.
(2). Covering the small arch shed. Insert the bamboo piece or steel bar into the arch shed and insert it into the surface of the field. Cover the insect net with the insect net. After pouring the water directly on the net, until the harvest is not uncovered, implement the whole Closed coverage.
(3). Horizontal scaffolding coverage. Cover all fields of 2000~3500 square meters with insect nets. This form saves mesh and grid and is easy to operate.
2. the application of insect nets on vegetables
(1). Protected vegetable production.  Mainly used for summer and autumn cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower and solanaceous fruits, melons and vegetables.
(2). Summer and autumn vegetable seedlings. June ~ August is the autumn and winter vegetable seedling season, often have high temperature, heavy rain, strong light and other unfavorable factors, frequent pests and diseases, breeding seedlings difficult, suitable for insect nets can increase the emergence rate, seedlings Rate and seedling quality. For example, insect-proof net isolation seedlings can effectively control autumn eggplant and melon vegetable virus diseases, and cultivate strong seedlings without disease, and the yield increase effect is obvious. The insect-proof net is suitable for use with the shade net, and the effect is better.

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