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Introduction to safety fence


Safety guardrails, also known as closed safety fences, […]

Safety guardrails, also known as closed safety fences, are mainly used in power plants, substations, electrical equipment repairs, electrical tests, distributed overhauls to meet support rods and hard lights and by fiberglass reinforced plastics, links, you can safe nylon Net, you can not set the distance of different ground needs, we designed cast iron, breath, for users to choose.

1, optional safety fence, according to their own purpose to buy, the use of the stadium fence installation, should buy PE plastic chain link fence, the case of slope should be optional galvanized wire, change the silk hook flower network.

2, first of all should know in the purchase of the safety fence chain link fence, safety fence, hook flower mesh hole diameter specifications, mesh size, burr treatment, can only clear these specifications procurement, safety fence manufacturers' requirements, the corresponding price.