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How to use the steel cable in the cable guardrail?


How does the rope tighten the rope? The cable guardrail […]

How does the rope tighten the rope? The cable guardrail is a kind of road collision guardrail. The impact of the vehicle mainly depends on the pulling of the rope to the guardrail to resist the impact of the vehicle. Many people worry that the rope is not tight and can not play the role of anti-collision. How does the rope tighten the rope?

Cable guardrail is the main representative of flexible guardrail. It is a structure composed of a cable fixed by a cable with a certain initial tension. It mainly depends on the tension of the cable to resist the collision of the vehicle and absorb the energy of the collision. Cable guardrail It is a flexible structure. When a vehicle collides, the cable works within the elastic range. It can be reused and is easy to maintain. The distance between the columns is more flexible, and the impact of uneven settlement is less. It is more beautiful to use cable guardrails in scenic places .

When the concrete strength of the end of the end column and the middle end column reaches more than 80% of the design strength, the cable is allowed. The steel cable is supported by the two ends of the column, and the steel cable is rolled to the other end through the middle support. The road surface should be avoided for a long time Drag to avoid scratching the zinc layer.

Starting from the end post at one end, adjust the cable end anchoring of the end post, loosen the end of the cable, fix it with a wedge or cable, and fix it by injection alloy. Then install the tie rod adjustment bolt, and install the cable end anchor on the end post. After installing the cable end anchor on the column, temporarily clamp the cable at the position of the bracket along the middle column, and connect it to the end column or the other end of the middle end column. Set a reverse sprocket (or Lever-type reverse sprocket), temporarily tighten the cable until the cable is not deformed.