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How to judge how long the highway barrier can be used?


Highway fence is just a name, also called isolation net […]

Highway fence is just a name, also called isolation net, is a member of the isolation net family, more commonly used to represent bilateral wire fence. The service life of the highway barrier is also the quality, mainly depends on the surface treatment of the highway barrier, followed by the treatment of the inner wire and the wire diameter.
Let me talk about surface treatment first. For over 99% of highway barriers, the surface treatment is dipping. All are soaked in plastic, how to distinguish the length of life?
1. The road insulation barrier is so-called PVC treatment, PVC treatment is divided into three grades according to the raw materials, one is the cheapest foaming powder, soft; the low foaming powder is slightly better; the national standard is Hard powder. Service life national standard>low foaming>foaming, can be simply judged according to the surface hardness. (The specific explanation about the quality of PVC plastic layer will be introduced in the next article.)
2. Inner wire treatment, the inner wire of the highway fence can be black wire directly, that is, without any treatment; then the wire is changed; then cold galvanized; finally hot galvanized. Service life: hot-plated> cold-plated> modified> black silk. Unless the PVC layer is set aside, the difference is hot-dipped silver, darker; cold-plated shiny; the brightest change; black wire is the general color of iron wire. (Baidu's revised definition is not accurate, and I will introduce it to you recently.)
3. It is the simplest. The thicker wire of the road fence has a long life.
Combining these three, everyone can have a basic concept. Let's talk about science again. The black wire 5mm thick national standard highway barrier has a life span of about 10 years. So let's compare the road fences that we will purchase.

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