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How to install the slope flexible protection net


(1) SNS slope flexible protection net installation step […]

(1) SNS slope flexible protection net installation steps are designed and combined with the actual topography of the site to measure and locate the steel column and anchor rod foundation. The length of the on-site pay-off line should be increased by about 3-8% compared to the length of the designed system. The upper limit (8%) should be taken when the system layout is difficult to arrange along the same contour line and the system layout is relatively flat and regular, and the system layout can be Basically, it is removed when the same contour is arranged along a straight line (3%); on this basis, the column spacing can be shortened by 20% of the design spacing or widened the adjustment range.
(2) Excavation of foundation pits (for areas where the overburden is not thick, when the excavation reaches the base rock and the design depth has not been reached, the anchor hole is drilled at the anchor hole position in the foundation pit, and the anchor rod is inserted into the foundation rock The upper foundation concrete is poured after grouting).
(3) Pre-embedding anchor rods and pouring foundation concrete (for rock foundations, the second and third steps should be drilling bolt holes and bolt installation; for concrete foundations, it is also possible to drill and install anchor rods after pouring the foundation concrete).
(4) Installation of the base: insert the base into the anchor bolt and tighten it with a nut.
(5) Installation of steel column and pull-up anchor rope
(6) Installation of the side-pull anchor rope: the installation method is the same as the upper-pull anchor rope, except that the upper-pull anchor rope is installed.
(7) Installation of upper support rope;
(8) Installation of lower support rope;
(9) Installation of steel rope net;
(10) Installation of steel wire rope grid.