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How to improve the use efficiency of welded mesh?


Wire mesh is factory produced. The size of the grid spa […]

Wire mesh is factory produced. The size of the grid space and the number of steel bars are accurate. The method overcomes the problems caused by the traditional manual bundling method due to large size error, poor bundling quality, and missing buckle straps. The mesh size of welded mesh is very regular, far exceeding that of hand-bound mesh.

Welded mesh has high rigidity and good elasticity. When the concrete is poured, the reinforcement does not bend easily and does not change. The thickness of the concrete cover is uniform and easy to control, which significantly improves the quality of the reinforcement. Due to the use of vertical and horizontal steel spot welding into a network structure to achieve the common purpose of uniform pressure, deformation of the cross-rib reinforcement section and the strengthening of the clamping force of the concrete structure, the performance of the concrete structure is improved, and the generation of concrete cracks is effectively prevented. and raised concrete structures. Internal quality of reinforced concrete.
The experimental analysis shows that when the welded web is laid on the concrete pavement, it can effectively reduce the cracking of the concrete surface caused by load or humidity by about 70%. For the concrete bending plate member, the welded web can increase the stiffness of the plate by about 50% Improve the crackability by about 30%, and effectively reduce the crack width by about 50%.

Since wire mesh is a continuous production method, it minimizes losses during steel processing. At the same time, it can also solve the problem of noise pollution caused by straightening and reinforcement, and promote the civilized construction on site.