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Consider and weigh in several ways before installing a safety fence


1. The planning of roads and other situations in each p […]

1. The planning of roads and other situations in each place is different. If there is a requirement for the orientation, height, length, and size of the safety fence, it is necessary to understand it well.

2. If it is a mesh-shaped safety fence, the parts of the fence are processed by dipping or spraying, painting, and its elasticity and impact resistance are also strong, so the safety fence does not require welding, so compare convenient.

3. There are also many cases where the safety fence is used for building projects. Before the installation, it is necessary to have a construction permit and a partition permit.

4. Whether the establishment of the safety fence matches the adjacent environment.

5. In the place where the demand device is selected, the site where the demand is impacted by external force, for example, various types of courses can be used as the target of the device.